At KEY SPOT - MARKETING, LDA, we are a digital advertising agency that collaborates with forward-thinking companies aiming to leverage the power of digital to propel their business. Our range of services includes Paid Search Advertising, Paid Social Advertising, Content Marketing, and Creative solutions.

With transparency and honesty at the core of our approach, we prioritize the success of your campaigns. We rely heavily on data as the foundation for every decision we make, whether it's media planning or creative design. Even for more abstract strategies, we establish measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress. Our commitment is always to provide you with insights on what's effective and what needs improvement. 


You require the expertise of an advertising agency that possesses a profound understanding of the interconnected world we inhabit. In today's digital age, effective marketing and public relations strategies are crucial for purposeful and meaningful communication.

You deserve direct access to the experts themselves

Our cross-functional team approach ensures that you receive insights directly from the experts themselves, rather than from a client-managing spokesperson. This transparent approach ensures that you are always aware of what truly transpires, allowing you to stay informed and knowledgeable about your projects and campaigns. With us, you can be confident that you have access to real-time information and direct communication with our experienced team, fostering a transparent and trustworthy working relationship.

Obtain a personalized digital marketing strategy designed specifically for your business, formulated through a combination of industry insights and our expertise.


Our collaborative team works together to execute your strategy, ensuring that your omnichannel digital marketing plan operates seamlessly and cohesively.


Transparency is our priority. You have access to real-time analytics, enabling you to see the same data we do. We believe in keeping no secrets when it comes to data and insights.

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Your advertising efforts should consistently evoke excitement, provoke thought, and inspire your customers. With our team's exceptional expertise, we have mastered the art of crafting campaigns that surpass mere sales targets. Instead, we strive to ignite love and loyalty for brands, creating a lasting impact that resonates with consumers.

Google Ads Marketing

Effective online businesses understand the importance of paid advertising. It serves as a key component in reaching and engaging with the desired target audience, while also driving revenue. At our agency, we specialize in developing and managing Google Ads campaigns that are customized to meet your specific objectives. 

IG & Facebook Marketing

Employing social media campaigns on platforms like Instagram and Facebook can significantly contribute to the growth of your business. At our agency, we possess the expertise to analyze your brand and leverage analytics data to create custom audiences with whom to engage in targeted marketing. .

Content Production

Creative content plays a vital role in conveying the essence and values of your brand. It serves as a powerful tool in helping potential customers grasp the essence of your company and its offerings. Engaging and innovative content not only captures attention but also influences a customer's decision to engage with your brand.

Social Media Management

By leveraging the unique features and dynamics of each social media platform, we ensure that your brand receives the visibility and recognition it deserves, ultimately driving positive results and establishing a strong online presence.

Affiliate Marketing

Incorporating affiliate and influencer marketing campaigns can be a game-changer for your business. At our agency, we employ a comprehensive approach that combines brand discovery and analytics data to identify and select influencers who align perfectly with your brand values and target audience.

Reputation Management

Boosting customer engagement is a key objective achieved through effective management of business and product reviews, social media reputation, and online platforms such as Google Business and YouTube.

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